Patient Engagement

Our company’s mission is to discover, develop and provide innovative products and services that save and improve lives around the world.

Because of the gaps in patient care and changes to health policy in such areas as vaccination, oncology, heart disease, HIV, hepatitis C and other chronic conditions, there is a compelling need for the pharmaceutical industry to work more closely with patients, caregivers and patient organizations to better understand outcomes from the patient’s point of view, and to improve access to therapies, validate measurement tools and increase awareness of diseases.

We are committed to learning from the patient’s perspective and to empowering patients, caregivers and health care professionals by making public the results of clinical trials in a timely manner, whether the outcomes are positive or negative.

We have a strong commitment to health literacy, and we believe that clear, simple information about clinical trials, diseases and medicine should be made easily available to people across a range of health literacy levels.

Our approach

We embrace the opportunity to engage with individual patients, patient advocacy organizations and caregivers to better understand their health care journeys and to bring their perspectives into our company and help inform our decisions. We believe that the inclusion of patient perspectives fosters a culture of innovation and produces improved medical, patient, scientific and business outcomes. Optimized patient engagement will result in better informed patients and enable opportunities for patients to have a greater voice in decisions that will affect their health care options.

We have a long history of collaboration with patient organizations and health-related charities and believe that an important way to advance our mutual objectives to improve health and advance patient care is through independent grants and donations to patient advocacy organizations. For more information, please see our grant disclosures.


Our Chief Patient Officer represents our company globally on patient-related matters and leads the company’s efforts to engage with patients and patient organizations to bring their perspectives into the company and help inform company decisions. There is a dedicated team reporting to our Chief Patient Officer who serves as the center of excellence for patients, bringing the patient perspective into the entire enterprise.

As part of our company’s unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of patients worldwide we have established an internal Patient Innovation Advisory Council, with key representation across the organization and internationally, to create a forum for routine, prompt and deliberate discussion and coordination of patient-facing activities and issues of importance to patients.